FOUW Scholarship Program

FOUW Scholarship Program provides scholarships (including tuition, room & board assistance) to eligible high school and low income college students who are committed to community service. Students at low income levels have very limited access to financial assistance. Therefore, FOUW Scholarship gives students the opportunity to further their education at colleges while continually engaging in community service.  Students  dedicated to serving their communities who had unusual circumstances where financial aid was disrupted and their studies would have come to a complete halt will be awarded.
The goal of the program is to provide financial assistance and foster civic engagements through community services. This program increasingly contributes to success in school and help young at-risk children of low-income families stay off the street and away from trouble. At large, this eases the economic burden in our community, and increases students engagement in community service without regard to their financial- situation. Students are selected based on life experience, and expressed interest in community services, desire to succeed and individual need. FOUW scholarships contributes to the education of students and encourages students who have dedicated their time to improving the lives of others
Eligibility and Guidelines
  • Applicants must be enrolled as a senior at a high school, or enrolled in college.
  • Students must engage in community service and have an eagerness to excel at school.
  • Funds are sent to student’s college Financial Aid Office.
  • Applications must be turned in between November 1 and February 20.
  • Interviews are in March and recipients will be notified by the end of March.
  • Students selected to receive scholarships must attend Scholarship Presentation in April.

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