Alpha and Omega Academy

Alpha and Omega Academy addresses the needs of young at-risk children of low-income families. We help students all around the world to succeed in school and stay off the streets, away from trouble.  Since Alpha and Omega Academy began, we have helped many young people stay on the right path and  remain in school.
·         We provide free tutoring to children in grades 1 through 6. We started in 2011 because of our desire to help children  succeed and soon became a non-profit organization serving local communities.
·         We provide young students with the opportunity to participate in a number of academic and character building activities. Some of our programs occur at local universities in which our children partner with a college student mentor. The effectiveness of this strategy can be seen in academic success of our children.
·         We support the development of a new generation of dynamic leaders. By virtue of their unique education, this generation will lead the enduring transformation of their communities and country.
·         We strive to provide a nurturing educational environment for children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We equip students with the intellectual and social skills necessary to assume positions of leadership in world.
 The Academy offers  After School Program that enhance student achievement through our learning and practice strategies  that meet diversified needs of students. We meet on a regular basis during  after-school hours and offer opportunities for people to learn new skills ranging from technology and math to reading and art. Opportunities for internships, community services, and mentoring are also available.Although we work all over the world, our Music-Math Project specially focuses on Tarrant County and Dallas County of Texas, and Prince Georges County and Montgomery County of Maryland.
Young Leaders Institute
This is  part of our strategic plan to create cross-cultural activism and awareness. Participants have the advantage of gaining hands on experience as they serve in their local communities and as they serve abroad. This institute allows students to develop their leadership skills through various workshops,  presentations and projects.  Young Leaders Institute serves as a significant resource to connect our local community to FOUW’s work all around the world. Meetings are held at FOUW’s world headquarters, participant can work behind the scenes at FOUW benefit events.
Educational workshops, youth leadership developmental program, intensive parent-child workshops, mentoring and community outreach opportunities are provided.
·         Students are provided with career assessments and opportunities to learn about numerous career paths
·         They are exposed to learning styles and strategies that enhance learning abilities, providing them the science behind learning and what motivates one to learn new information.
·         Students will receive a variety of intensive, individualized support services to help advance them academically and to help them persist in school and remain on a dedicated career path.
·         Post workshop students will have additional resources available to them. Students are presented with opportunities in the community that build on skills and knowledge they gain from their involvement
FOUW 2017 Scholarships & Grants, Internships
Economically disadvantaged students receive scholarships with grant funds to help students avoid the hardship that accompanies taking on excessive education debt. For many of the students, the awards have made college education possible. College cost is increasingly creating a financial burden for many students. Many graduates begin their working lives with humongous education debt. Others experience a tragic lasting consequence that traps them as they are unable to recover from educational expenses because of a tight job market. FOUW  gladly accepts funds from individuals, testamentary estates, charitable foundations, businesses and civic organizations and government agencies to support students’ education. 2017 Application will be available in December.
Email us at  to be a part of Young Leaders Institute, to apply for Scholarships & Grants, Internships
1-on-1 online Tutoring
We provide 1-on-1, online tutoring to underserved youth around the nation, as well as native adult Spanish speakers who desire to learn English. We hope to provide them with language skills needed to thrive. We offer our tutoring and mentoring assistance to families that are struggling, people that have tried other ways to get additional help but to no avail. If this is your situation, we want to help. Please fill out the application. Once accepted, we match you with based on their availability and expertise. After matching, we connect the tutor with the students who through online classroom.

Committed to providing lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, lack of education.