Who we are

FOUNDATION OF UNDERSTANDING WISDOM (FOUW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Every life is important and therefore we are committed to improving the quality of life for people all around the world from the education of students in our local communities of Maryland and Texas, to the health of young mothers abroad. Our goal is to provide solutions to problems such as poverty, hunger, lack of education.

How we work

  • We work with local people and organizations to ensure our programs are based on real needs and real opportunities for implementation
  • We design programs that aim at given region as a means of discovering and modeling best practices and approaches to this issue
  • We work comprehensively and build partnerships, work collaboratively and advocate for funding and resource collaboration
  • We actively monitor, evaluate and conduct research so that our programs can grow and change based on the reality of successes and challenges faced in the field

Where we work

Our goal is to tackle the challenges that people face all over the world, in different regions in order to solve these problems on a local scale. We are committed to providing lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, lack of education as we work with people in local communities.

   Imparting lives with Wisdom by improving quality of life for people 

Committed to providing lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, lack of education.